Leo arthur Mons

Leo Mons
Little Rock Fire Department - April 7, 1944

On the night of April 7, 1944, dispatcher G.B. Teal, Captain Ralph L. Scantlin, and Driver Leo Mons stayed up until midnight chatting in the dispatcher's office.  Mons complained of indigestion and left to go to the day room on the east side of Central Station, at Markham and Arch street.  When the 7:00 am roll call was conducted, Mons was missing.  His fellow firefighters found him dead in a chair in the waiting room on the ground floor of Central Station.  On his off-duty time, Leo Mons was a talented architect with the firm of George R. Mann.  In addition, Leo assisted in the design and planning of several fire stations.  The design of Station 11 at 22nd and Peyton was done by firefighter Mons.  His 26 years of service began October 1, 1917

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